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Create. Film. INSPIRE.


We Are a Young & Creative
Video Production Company

& We Love Dogs

  • Business Promo Videos

  • TV Adverts

  • Training Videos

  • Brand Videos

  • Corporate Videos

  • Info Videos

  • Interviews

  • Music Videos

  • Feature-Length Films

  • Documentary Films

  • Experimental Films

  • Short Films

  • Reality TV

  • TV Episodes 

  • Screenwriting 

  • Script Analysis 

Let us help you with the creative process. It's our specialty.

  • Weddings 

  • Religious Events

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs 

  • Social Gatherings

  • Family Events

  • Non-Profit Events

  • Social Media Videos

  • Time-Lapse Videos

  • Slo-Mo Videos

  • Aerial Drone Videos

  • Behind The Scenes Videos

  • Vlogging Videos 




We will storyboard the shots first so you can fully visualize the creative work before it begins. We also specialize in script analysis, screenwriting, and storytelling for TV/films. Clients are always in full control of the scheduling so you never have anything to worry about.

What We Do

We work with ALL budgets.



Using our professional equipment from RED Digital Cinema, we deliver the best quality video with the most affordable price guaranteed beating the competition. Our HD/4K/5K resolution cameras always come with every budget. 



All the puzzle pieces are put together here. We add music, sound effects, voice-overs, VFX special effects, closed-captioning, and much more to bring your own creative film to life... and INSPIRE!

Office Dog
Kansas City, Missouri

Meet the Team

Nathan Boresow
Founder/Director of Photography 
Prairie Village, Kansas
Dara Anya
Co-Founder/Creative Director
Houston, Texas
Josh Washington
Creative Director/Screenwriter
Overland Park, Kansas
David Han
Denver, Colorado
Hadleigh Palmer
Office Assistant 
Independence, Kansas

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No matter what the budget or project is, we want to hear about it. 

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Create. Film. INSPIRE. 


Create. Film. INSPIRE.

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Dallas, Denver, Kansas City


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